Dust Cartridge Filters

EIF offers a wide range of Industrial & Environmental Cartridge Filters. Generally, dust cartridge filters are custom made with varying dimensions, pleatable filter media, total filtration area and design.


Dust Cartridge Filters (Emirates Industrial Filters)

Dimensions & Designs

EIF customized cartridges can accommodate OEM Designs. EIF cartridge provide large media area available for efficient filtration and intermittent cleaning while maintaining a hermetic seal to sustain a healthy differential pressure across the filter media. 

Total Filtration Surface Area is a factor of the number of pleats and the depth of each pleat.


✔ Round

✔ 14" x 16" Rectangular Flange

✔ Screw Mount with Gaskets

✔ Lugs (3 or 4)


✔ Open

✔ Closed

✔ Closed with Bolt Hole

✔ Flat

✔ Oval


✔ Various designs of internal & external supports are available upon request

Filter Media

✔ 100% Cellulose

✔ 80/20 Cellulose Polyester

✔ 50/50 Cellulose/Polyester

✔ 100% Cellulose Flame Retardant


✔ 100% Spun Bond Polyester

✔ 100% Spun Bond Polyester with PTFE membrane

✔ 100% Polyester Hydro / Oleophobic

Lug Cartridge (Dust Cartridge Filters - EIF)


Screw Mount Cartridge (Dust Cartridge Filters - EIF)

Screw Mount

Flat Cartridge (Dust Cartridge Filters - EIF)


Round Cartridge (Dust Cartridge Filters - EIF)


Antistatic Cartridge (Dust Cartridge Filters - EIF)


Rectangular Flange Cartridge (Dust Cartridge Filters - EIF)

Rectangular Flange