Depth Filtration - Conventional Media

✔ Efficiency relies on cake formation

✔ Dust cake restricts air flow

✔ Requires high cleaning energy

✔ High energy cleaning imparts mechanical stresses

✔ Fine particles migrate into media

✔ Particles in the structure cause abrasion damage

✔ Leads to blinding - high pressure drop

Depth Filtration (Dust Filtration - EIF)

Surface Filtration - Tetratex Membrane

✔ Membrane acts as permanent primary dust cake

✔ Requires no pre-coat

✔ Inhibits particle migration

✔ Low cake formation allows for reduced cleaning

✔ Less mechanical stresses due to reduced cleaning

✔ Higher cleaning efficiency gives higher constant airflow

✔ Excellent cake release - low pressure drop

Surface Filtration (Dust Filtration - EIF)

Filtration Efficiency (Dust Filtration - EIF)

Pressure Drop (Dust Filtration - EIF)

Donaldson® Tetratex Advanced Membranes

Tetratex Membranes (Emirates Industrial Filters)

Tetratex Membranes (Emirates Industrial Filters)

Tetratex Membranes (Emirates Industrial Filters)

The Benefits of Tetratex

✔ Increased particulate collection efficiency

✔ Increased filter element life

✔ Reduced emmissions

✔ Reduced baghouse pressure drop

✔ Reduced baghouse downtime

✔ Increased productivity

✔ Reduced energy consumption

Tetratex PTFE Membrane Filter Media Advantages

✔ Rolled goods supply to Emirates Industrial Filters LLC

✔ Ideally suited for cement dedusting applictions, Carbon Black/Steel Frunace

✔ Extended bag life - surface filtration

✔ Near zero particulate emissions

✔ Consistently low pressure drop

✔ Improved plant efficient and productivity

✔ Extensive media warranties available

✔ Global company warranting Filer Media

✔ Local company warranting manufacturing

✔ Highly skilled experienced teams