Surface Filtration vs. Depth Filtration

Liquid Surface Filtration (Emirates Industrial Filters)

Monofilament Fabrics

Media: Nylon, Polyester & Polypropylene


✔ Absolute Filtration

✔ Wide Micron Rating Range 25µ - 2,000µ

✔ Reusable/Cleanable


✔ Not suitable for non-rigid sediments (paste, gums, etc.)

✔ Lower efficiency in 150µ due to lower open area

Liquid Depth Filtration (Emirates Industrial Filters)

Needle Felt/Woven Fabrics

Media: Polypropylene & Polyester

Needle Felt (EIF)


✔ Higher collection efficiency due to much better dirt holding capacity

✔ Nominal and absolute

✔ Micron rating range 0.5µ - 200µ

✔ Disposable

✔ Suitable for capturing non-rigid pastes and gums


✔ Not reusable


***Please note that Bag-Change-Out is strongly recommended at a differential pressure of 1 bar.